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  • Variable Message Sign
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Variable Message Sign (Matrix Road Sign)

Types of sign for hire:

  • Matrix Message (Medium - equivalent to 4-line)
  • Matrix Message (Mini)

Variable Message Sign  - VMS4One of the earlier parts of the Littlewood Hire group , Roadside Rentals, had been supplying portable and mobile speed display systems, and variable message signs (matrix road signs) for some time. Roadside Technologies has now taken over the mantle, still within the Littlewood Hire group, and has significantly broadened its range of products it can supply. Many are sourced from Wanco, on of the USA's leading manufacturers.

In addition to highways use, these signs are also used by Airports - for example for welcome and security changes, by Supermarkets - for offers and directions and by Event Organisers - for information and directions for participants

Variable Message Sign

Shown above is the larger of the two types of mobile variable message sign display unit we have for hire:

  • This is a self-contained message display system, capable of displaying almost any message or displaying the speed of an oncoming vehicle
  • Remote GSM modem installed as standard
  • Multiple alphanumeric fonts
  • Optical lenses and sunshades for increased visibility
  • 40% better efficiency than full-size Variable Message Sign
  • Displays graphics and text simultaneously
  • Telescoping rotating tower
  • Solar powered charging system
  • New technology lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency
  • Easily centres each line of text
  • Easy to replace interchangeable letter modules
  • Powder coated finish
  • Optional approach-only radar speed package
  • Locking control box and battery box
  • Easy set-up reduces man-hours required – set-up from towing position to working position takes one man less than 5 minutes
  • With the display unit being self-contained, it can be set up and left to work unattended almost indefinitely. The solar panel and built in charger maintain battery levels for sustained operation.
  • Solar panel which folds away for packing and transportation
  • See-through trailer design
  • Two lockable storage boxes, one of which contains batteries, charger and operating system
  • Four hideaway legs
  • On board computer control with storage of hundreds of messages, together with keypad entry facilities
  • GSM Modem links to enable remote control and variation of messages
  • Optional radar sensor to activate display

Variable Message Sign Speed Variable Message Sign Accident Variable Message Sign Slow

Variable Message Sign - Mini

  • Variable Message Sign 1
  • Variable Message Sign 2
  • Variable Message Sign 3
  • Variable Message Sign 4

The functionality of this unit is similar to the Full Variable Message Sign described left, but with a smaller display. Overall 30% smaller than the full sized unit.

Approximate Unit dimensions

Larger Unit


  • Dimensions – 2440mm x 1400m
  • Size – 48 x 27 (4 LED’s per pixel)
  • No. of LED’s fitted - 5184
  • Patented Sun Visor Technology
  • LED Type – Amber Class 2
  • Brightness Levels – Auto-Dim LDVM® 49 Levels
  • 360° rotational braked system

Trailer Dimensions:

  • Length with Towbar fitted – 3500mm
  • Length without Towbar – 1900mm
  • Width – 1900mm
  • Display height raised (bottom) – 2100mm
  • Display height raised (top) – 3900mm
  • Trailer weight – (approx.) 717kg